Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Many small details other than the fact you were on page 7 of Google decided
me to make a try with your company.

1) you are the less expensive I have stated.
2) shipment is included
3) no minimum order
4) your Company is from New Zealand
5) New Zealand waters are to my sense pretty much free of pollution
6) product information is clear and has an informative touch leaving the
final word to the customer
7) the feeling I got in reading these lines (confirmed by your reply) is
that the customer is granted regards.
Can you let me know when the 250g jars become available. I am looking at putting all our dogs on it. I tell you what I am finding, the colostrum seems to be helping the dogs metabolize their food a lot better. Which is interesting, the one's I have on it at the moment are really looking good and I have had to cut the size of their meals because they are putting on weight.

I was searching the Internet for Shark Liver Products and found your site with the best price. So I ordered and it was all to my satisfaction!

I am already noticing positive effects from the Honey Skin Care Creme from the Kolorex line, and have only been using it two days!
Thanks so much for your products!


  • Pricing in $NZ
  • GST included in pricing.
  • Free World Wide Delivery.
  • FDA registered for shipping to USA.
  • GMP and TGA certified factory.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.
  • No minimum order.

In some cases product may vary slightly from the image provided.

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