arthritis treatment for dogs

Jake's Best Mate Pet-Active Powder is a new cost-effective product from  Lovely Health Ltd that we are very pleased to bring to the market. We have been providing quality selected natural health  products for dogs and cats, green New Zealand certified producers for over eight years to  customers who have been searching for natural support for their pets health.

arthritis treatment for dogsJake's Best Mate is a careful combination of Green lipped Mussel powder with marine glycogen powder and Paua (Black Abalone) powder, registered with the Agricultural Chemicals and Veterinary Medicines Dept of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority, (Reg No A010246) which promotes joint conditioning, is anti-inflammatory and chondro-protective. All the components are sourced from the pristine southern oceans around New Zealand from sustainable fisheries. Available in 250gm and new 100 gm pack.

A combination of unique New Zealand marine extracts contains a wide range of bio-nutrients that may be beneficial in supporting normal function of joint tissue, support joint mobility and support the general health and well being of cats and dogs. Jake’s Best Mate contains 60% GlycOmega™ Greenshell (Green Lipped Mussel ) Powder, 20% abalone powder and 20% Hydro-MC™ Marine Collagen Powder, all of New Zealand origin.

Your older dog will love its new found freedom from pain and suffering , and younger dogs heal faster after injury. Jake’s Best Mate is available for purchase on line from this site.

One 250gm jar will last your medium size dog for 145 days. This means that for 20 cents US per day you can give your beloved pet all the advantages of taking Jake's Best Mate.


• Anti-inflammatory
• Joint conditioner
• Optimises gut function

How does it work ?

Joint & Connective Tissue Support

Jakes Best Mate is a unique combination of Marine based ingredients formulated to support the maintenance and repair of essential joint and connective tissue.

Formulated from 100% pure Marine ingredients PET-Active provides excellent anti-inflammatory activity giving pets increased joint-movement and mobility.

Providing a rich source of Glycosaminoglycans and Omega-3 fatty acids, PET-Active can be referred to as the “glue of life” which repairs and rebuilds synovial fluid around the damaged joints and tendons giving pets re-newed energy and movement.



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